Concurrent Themes @ Agripace 2017

Multidisciplinary Agri Plenaries

The highlight of this module is a multidisciplinary conference which includes eminent speakers related to the field of food and agriculture & veterinary science sector around the globe.

Scientific Sessions

  • Agriculture Sessions
  • Veterinary Sessions
  • Agriculture Technical Sessions

The Farmers Conference

The Farmers conference is the unique first ever happened phenomenon in an international research conference where the real time farmers share their real time innovations with the largest intelligentsia across the globe, an exciting knowledge exchange session. We invite innovative farmers who have invented or adopted breakthrough technologies in farming or applied breakthrough farm management methods productivity and sustainability records and proved to be the pioneer leaders in their farming domain and impacted society or community at large. These best farmers are acknowledged amidst global leaders

Women in Agriculture

  • The women in Agriculture is a concurrent event planned within the main Agripace 2017 which wishes to emphasise the role of women as key drivers in the sector of Agriculture, Agri industry and technology
  • Women leaders, women drivers, women stakeholders from several fields of agriculture, horticulture, veterinary, agri industry, Agri acadamecia, Agristarups etc are all made to converge at one forum to exchange their views under one umbrella forum
  • The ways to solutions to address key challenges faced by women in agriculture are addressed, also women of agrisector with accomplishments in their respective fields are honoured

Agristartups as Changemakers

  • Many Agristartups today are emerging as powerful change agents to address the issues faced in Agriculture and are impacting farmers in the country. We invite many such change makers to be a part of the Agripace 2017
  • A Platform where the Agri Entrepreneurs are facililitated to learn, network with like minded visionaries, Get featured on Business World Disrupt; Opportunities; Raising your profile; Shared Knowledge; Connections; Learn from Entrepreneurs; Increased confidence and Connect to potential Investors
  • As Indias outlooks itself as a start-up Nation today, we are here to involve citizens in joining hands together and support these ideas with Government, Stakeholders and Investors. Motivational, insightful talks from experts on business leadership.

AgriBuisiness Conglemoration

  • Agri business Conglemoration involves Agribusiness enterprises, Agri industrialists, Agri companies, Agri pioneers founders and cofounders network, acknowledge, exchange knowledge and values
  • There are sessions of successful agrientreprenuers talk, motivate by sharing their success stories, also there is presentation ceremony of best Agribuisiness company awards

Food, Agri, Horti, Veterinary Expo

  • The exhibition presents an opportunity to India’s food and agriculture market, which enables participants to develop partnerships with the key players that are driving this sector forward
  • The event is very well attended by progressive farmers, corporate leaders, agricultural educators, foreign dignitaries, policy makers and diplomats.

IOT in Agriculture; Artificial intelligence for Agri sector

  • The IoT is set to push the future of farming to the next level. Smart agriculture is already becoming more commonplace among farmers, and high tech farming is quickly becoming the standard thanks to agricultural drones and sensors
  • This session in the Agri conference emphasises on IoT applications in agriculture and how "Internet of Things farming" will help farmers meet the world's food demands in the coming years choosing some of the most exciting IT, ICT and smart agri-tech solutions for achieving sustainable agriculture
  • The leaders, innovators, contributors to Artificial intelligence for the agro sector will be participating in knowledge exchange sessions
  • There shall be Interaction sessions, talks on Smart Agriculture, Solving IoT Challenges for Smart Agriculture, Strategic IoT Solutions for Smart Agriculture, Benefits of the IoT Platform for Smart Agriculture,Powering an IoT Ecosystem